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Poster: Jim F Date: Jan 7, 2011 1:15am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Dentist (sorta Dead related)

@ William: Yeah, it really isn't that invasive or painful at all, really. By far the biggest pain is the hurtin' my wallet takes every time I have to have something done. But I don't feel like getting into some detailed discussion about pain tolerance and modern dental techniques and all that other crap. Frankly I'm rather tired of thinking/talking about it. It just reminds me that I have a massive bill to pay. Plus I've just been somewhat bored with the internets lately. My life is starting to feel empty when the majority of my "social interaction" are digital, and with "strangers" most of the time. I do still love my digital "friends" who I check up on everyday. From all of you folks on here and other GD forums/torrent sites and such, to all those people who you are friends with on Facebook even though you've only met in person maybe once, if that (like all those "friends of a friend"). Then there are the actual close friends...

Anyway, musically, I chose to start off with some of the 1/2/70, DStar>Stephen>11, then I skipped the Lovelight and took ya'll up on the 5/3/72 suggestion. I enjoyed the 1/2/70 part, but for most of the 5/3 listening segment I was getting drilled out pretty hard and wasn't really paying as much attention as I'd have liked, so I have very little memory of that part of it.

Oh but the pain of the procedure was almost nil, it wasn't until later when all the novocaine wore off did my tooth, gums, and jaw really start to hurt. I still have pain when brusing my teeth and eating. Sweets and cold/hot drinks aren't all that much fun, either.

Again, I'm just kinda done talking about it. But I appreciated everyone's thoughts and input (and concern/well-wishes) and thought I'd pop in and let everyone know the musical selection/s. I have this weird thing where I always feel guilty for not responding to people, things, and topics on the internet, or if I do, in not enough detail. I ALWAYS feel like I'm only writing out half of what I want to or intend to say. There's just so much to read, so much to say, so many topics to respond to, so many emails, etc. And I'm really long-winded as it is. I know that in reality, it's not that important, and people probably don't care or notice, but it's just one of those neurotic things I have.

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